Introducing fleet™ 670Android Navigator

The fleet™670 runs on Android and is built especially for trucks. It has all the high quality features your drivers know and trust, and now, for the first time, it comes with custom apps built for your business by Forward Thinking Systems.

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Garmin / FTS Partnership

Garmin produces the best “on the road” GPS solutions available and Forward Thinking enjoys making them even better. We live on the cutting-edge of Garmin integration—developing and building upon the newest of the new to create a better, more seamless fleet management system.

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Seamless Software Integration

The Forward Thinking and Garmin solutions work as one to connect drivers to their dispatchers and managers. Our joint solutions are tightly integrated to create a seamless user experience with a heavy emphasis on ease-of-use and simplicity.

We offer a wide variety of Garmin products and features, including Dispatching, and Turn-by-turn navigation.

Third Party Android Apps
fleet 670

Having Android as the operating system of the Garmin 670 device lets us provide an even greater level of integration. We have developed sophisticated apps that capture signatures, forms, documents, and images. The sky is the limit.

Turn-by-Turn lorry Navigation
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Commercial turn by turn navigation takes into account vehicle road restrictions such as weight, length, width, and height, as well as hazardous materials (HAZMAT) that may be onboard. Lane assist helps put you in the proper lane well ahead of the exit or fork in the road. Traffic routing will reroute you around crashes and road work. Get where you need to get safely and quickly.

2-Way Messaging (Driver & Dispatch)
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Send and receive freehand messages and quick / canned messages. Using one touch the driver and easily respond if he can accept a load or needs to go on break.

Digital DVIR
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Digital Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports flow back into our web portal where the mechanic can easily see that there is a problem with one of the vehicles in the fleet. Alerts can be generated to email or text messaged to a cell phone letting the Mechanic or fleet manager know that there is an issue. Once the issue is corrected the driver is notified and can confirm that the issue is resolved.

Dispatching Scheduled Stops
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Dispatch stops through the web portal, FTP, or Web Services directly to the garmin device. Stop status automatically come back to the web portal to indicate received, viewed, en-route, completed, or deleted. Estimated time of arrival is visible on the webportal so that you give your customers more accurate feedback on the status of their delivery. Learn more about dispatching

Forward Thinking Systems

We are a group of programmers, engineers, and designers, who love creating remarkable things. Electronic Logs, commercial navigation, automated dispatching, temperature monitoring, extensive alerting, and reporting are some of the features that have proven to be indispensable to our customers.

Technical Support


If you have questions, concerns, or issues of any kind, our support team is here for you! Call or email us, and a member of our excellent UK and USA based support team will help you.